If you are not able to perform the below duties on the dates requested, kindly arrange for your own coverage or switching.  Thank you.

June 3 -  PC:Scott Dennis  GREETER: Mike Steven

June 10 - PC: Club Assembly  GREETER: Kathy Thrall

June 17 - PC: Suzanne Dunham  GREETER: Lorena Tyler

June 24 - PC: Pres Rene  GREETER: Rick Whitney

July 1 - PC: Kevin Finley  GREETER: Robin Zinchuk

July 8 - PC: Club Assembly  GREETER: Steve Wight

July 15 - PC: David Fraher  GREETER: Ian Blair

July 22 - PC: Ian Blair  GREETER: Scott Dennis

July 29 - PC: Walter Hatch  GREETER: Suzanne Dunham