Visiting Rotarian:   Joel Speakman  (Oxford Hills)

Guest:  Maria Agus  (speaker)

Members We Missed: Crockett, Dennis, Hart, Mann, McGrew, Murphy, Tyler, Walker, Wilson

Long-time member but new coffee cup:  Michele Cole

Good news/bad news remark from Steve: He's happy he won the 50/50 last week, but has seen any money yet.

GSE trip presentation:  Maria gave highlights of her trip to northern Germany, where she visted many locations in the lower part of the Jutland peninsula, as well as Hamburg.  She noted the flat, low land in the Jutland area, with large coastal areas reclaimed from the sea and protected by dikes.  There is a big push for renewable energy, with ambitious goals for self sufficiency.  On a sobering note, Maria said that Germany's past wartime actions and experiences remained a sensitive area --she noted that historical museums are not allowed to show anything with a swastika symbol.

Thank you Walter