Visiting Rotarian:   Glenn Huntley  (Oxford Hills)
Guests: Ella Blair  (Ian's daughter), Lee Barth (Barth)
Members We Missed: Crockett, Hart, Dennis, Laux, Mann, Monahan, Murphy, Roma, Steven, Whitney, Zinchuk

Ian's program featured a video aimed primarily at business success but equally applicable to Rotary.  In the video, Simon Sinek talked about a model for success that emphasizes the WHY of what you're doing.  He pictured the WHY as the bullseye of a target, with the next ring being HOW and the outer ring being WHAT.  Rather that simply focusing on WHAT you're doing and HOW you're going to do it, he said, make sure you strongly believe in WHY you're doing it.  To inspire others, you need to have them believe what you believe (the WHY), not just become informed of the WHAT and the HOW.

Thank you Walter ~