DG Carolyn addressing Bethel Rotary

Visiting Rotarians:

Carolyn Johnson  (District Governor)  (Yarmouth)

Beth Abbott  (Asst. Distr. Gov.)  (Oxford Hills)

Peter Redman  (Waterville)

Guests:  Lynne Kulik  (Bud Kulik)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Dennis, Hart, Murphy, Zinchuk, Laux

Bud Kulik was inducted into membership, with Carolyn Johnson presiding.  Welcome, Bud!

In District Governor Carolyn's presentation, she noted that we had skipped "happy dollars" to allow her more time, but that happy dollars are a feature of Rotary that indicates how Rotarians treat each other as family and care about each other.  Similarly, Rotarians care about community members, and she told a story about participating in the Yarmouth club's baskets for seniors at Christmas time and being touched when a woman told her "this is the only Christmas present I will receive."  Stories like this, of clubs reaching out to others, can be likened to features of the Rotary wheel -- the key-way near the axle hole and the notches on the outside.   Without them, things would spin without producing any useful action.  The outside gears, connecting with other gears, can also illustrate how clubs have connected with other groups on projects to make something happen.

~ Thank you Walter