Members We Missed:  Cole, Dennis, Hart, McGrew, Thrall

Announcements included a reminder of wood splitting from 9 - 12 on Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Dunhams.  Michele and Bruce will be assisting Dave Murphy with the Christmas for Children program this year.  Bud advised that the vegetable drop-off table at his house was highly successful, being especially appreciated by residents of the Bethel House.

Dave Murphy presented information related to Andover's withdrawal from SAD 44.  He noted that the Andover elementary school had about 120 students when he was first involved with SAD 44, dwindling to only 33 students now.  The greatly reduced enrollment and resulting high cost per pupil led to SAD 44's decision in 2011 to discontinue the school unless Andover was willing to contribute the excess cost compared to having the students attend school in Bethel.  Andover citizens ultimately elected to withdraw from SAD 44, and received permission from the State to do this.  They will "go it alone" using their own elementary school and tuitioning about 55 older students to schools of their choosing.  They will be responsible for transport of students to the latter schools, but as part of the withdrawal agreement, they will be given three of SAD 44's school buses.  The withdrawal will have minimal effect on overall SAD 44 overall finances, Dave said.