From left to right ...  Rotarian Scott Hynek, Scholarship Recipient Katie Sumner, Scholarship Chair Kevin Finley and President Bruce

Visiting Rotarians:

    Dave Carter  (Oxford Hills), Joel Speakman  (Oxford Hills)


    Katelyn Sumner  (Finley); Dave Fraher  (Powell)

Members We Missed: Cole, Crockett, Dennis, Laux, Murphy, Roma, Tyler, Zinchuk

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 13     Wood splitting
Oct. 27     Foundation seminar (Bridgton)
Dec. 2      Country Breakfast
Dec. 11    Senior Xmas Luncheon
Dec. 18    Food baskets

 Katelyn Sumner received a Rocky Freda Scholarship check, and described her plans for a Pharmacy program.

 Misc. notes from committee reports: 

  +  New Country Breakfast tickets with correct date will be printed. 

+  Grant for repairing musical instruments at Telstar not obtained, but other avenues being pursued.

+  Membership goal or five new members by June 2013.  All current members urged to give this priority.

+  Ellie gave a hilarious example of what it means to be a "furniture-grade" Rotarian.

For "Rotary Information," Steve emphasized the power of internet sites such as Facebook and Linkedin in helping Rotary move forward.

~Thank you Walter~