Visiting Rotarian:   Dave Carter  (Oxford Hills)


During "happy dollars," Scott favored us (?) with a colorful description of his recent "pig party."  Steve noted a birthday milestone - his 70th.


Upcoming events:

+  Oct. 15 at 5:00 pm (replacing the morning meeting): a social at the Bethel Inn's Millbrook Tavern

+  Nov. 2 at 9:00 am: wood splitting at the Dunhams', with Interact participation 

+  Dec. 1:  Country Breakfast

+  Dec. 10:  Senior Xmas luncheon  (no Club Assembly in December)


The Board report included their acceptance, with regret, of Dean Walker's resignation.


Committee reports included the club's decision to donate $1,000 to Rotoplast, and a donation of $300 to the nursing training program in Haiti.  We were reminded of the need for "every Rotarian every year" to contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  The Membership committee plans an offsite meeting to discuss strategies, including ideas Bruce picked up at a recent district-wide meeting.  The current goal for the year is 5 new members.  Youth Services noted that written procedures for youth protection are being finalized.  The club should seek ways to assist the Interact group in their projects, as a complement to Interact assisting the club in our projects.  The committee looking into use of the Monahan bequest said their discussions are temporarily on hold, awaiting results of a town committee's study of recreational needs.