Visiting Rotarian:  Herb Lemcool  (Traverse City, Mich.)


Randy Bennett  (speaker)  (Hatch)

Dave Skibowski  (Herb Lemcool)

Maisey Griffin  (Interact)  (Hart)

Austin Ryerson  (Interact)  (Hart)

Michael Cintron  (Interact)  (Hart)

Alyssa Brands  (Interact)  (Hart)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Dennis, Dunham, Fraher, Kulik, Laux, Murphy, Steven, Tyler, Wight, Zinchuk

During Happy Dollars, guest Herb Lemcool noted that his club is a bit larger than ours, having 257 members.

The Interact students from Telstar gave a rundown of their activities and plans.  It is a very active group, but they still are seeking new additions.

Randy Bennett, Executive Director of the Bethel Historical Society, described the background and plans for the Mary E. Valentine Collections Wing currently being added to the Robinson House.  Mary was a long-time dedicated volunteer at the Society, and a generous bequest from her estate is what has made the new wing possible.  On the exterior, the two-and-a-half story structure will replicate the summer kitchen/shed ell as it appeared before it was remodeled under the Bethel Inn's ownership.  Inside, the 20 by 40 foot wing -- including a full basement with humidity control -- will offer much-needed and greatly improved storage space for the Society's extensive museum collections, as well as for materials used in the development of various exhibits at the Robinson and Mason Houses.  It is expected that construction will be completed by spring 2014.