Guests:  Dave Fraher  (Powell),  Dr. Carl Francis  (Mann)

Wood splitting on Oct. 6 went very successfully, with the Interact group providing significant help.  Ellie has stepped in as an Interact advisor, and reported that the Interact group is enthusiastic and "ready to roll."  It's expected that the group will wrap gifts for the Senior Xmas Luncheon and help with the luncheon itself.

Country breakfast tickets:  final decision is not to print new ones, but to have Rotarians mark up tickets they sell with the correct Dec. 2 date.

Rene McGrew gave a presentation and fielded questions about life as a Sergeant-at-Arms, and also her own personal background.  Rene is from "away" (roots in Candia NH), then went a lot farther away (Alaska).  She went to Alaska to visit her sister and met Chad there.

~Thank you Walter ~