Shirley Powell  (Powell)

Nik Conrad  (Student of the Month)  (Hart)

Kristi Hanscom  (S.O.M.)  (Hart)

India Orino  (S.O.M.)  (Hart)

Kathy Conrad  (parent of Nik)

Nonie Stecher  (grandparent of Nik)

David Hanscom  (parent of Kristi)

Amy Hanscom  (parent of Kristi)

Wanda Orino  (parent of India)


Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Kulik, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Zinchuk


The students of the month were introduced by Dan Hart and congratulated by the Club.


Bob Laux's program presentation gave highlights from his experience as a consultant for individuals with special needs.  These needs could be age related, health related, or some other reason, but there are common themes for all.  Because of the latter, Bob thinks there is currently too much specialization in support organizations focusing narrowly on one category.  One recurring theme is the desire to be a valued, contributing member of a community.  Having or developing a usable skill is a key goal.  The opportunity to have meaningful relationships with others is important.  Having as much independence as possible, including some choice of the people you live with, is everyone's wish.  Many of the common themes, plus cost factors, point to the choice of engaging home care assistance and living in one's own home whenever possible instead of moving to a group facility.


~ Walter