Guest:  Kyle Tilsley  (speaker)  (Hart)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Cole, Dennis, Griffin, McGrew, Murphy, Smith, Thrall

Sign-up sheets were circulated for the Senior Luncheon on Dec. 9, and for bell ringing on Dec 13/14 and Dec. 20/21. 

Kyle Tilsley of the Maine State Police presented the program.  Kyle was originally from California, then made a big leap to Fort Fairfield, Maine.  He has been a state trooper since 1994, and currently covers Northern Oxford County, supervising seven other troopers.  He describes his job as a "front row ticket to the greatest show on earth," involving everything from barking dogs to multiple homicides.  Only two police departments in the state, Portland and Bangor, deal with homicides themselves, the rest being referred to the state police.  Kyle highlighted the role of technology in state police work, and also the struggle to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.  Examining and analyzing a suspect's cell phone (requiring a search warrant, except under exigent circumstances) is a key element in investigations.  The State Police have one analyst who devotes his entire time to cell phone analysis, and Kyle said he wished there were five instead of just one.