Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Maria Silviera Galban (Arizzi), Megan LaCroix, Roger LaCroix, Michael Cintron, Angela Bouknight, Dylan Helms, Phil Catanese, Brianna Santos – guests of Dan Hart and program


Members We Missed: Blair, Barth, Dennis, Kunkle, Monahan, Murphy, Nivus, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney, Wilson


ProgramTelstar High School’s Community Service Program


A handout of the program including a fact sheet, certification form, and reasons to volunteer were distributed.  These are uploaded to the download section of our website.


Phil Catanese, in his third year teaching at Telstar, mentors their Community Service program.  Although participating in community service is a graduation requirement (60 hours) at the high school, the program tries to steer away from the stereotypical connotation of community service and instead tries to invoke the passion of “service learning.”


A student from each class year shared with us their service and hours to date.  Senior Megan LaCroix has completed 372.5 hours as a teacher’s aid and daycare assistant.  Brianna Santos, a junior, has completed 69.52 hours participating in service such as assisting Edna York.  Sophomore Dylan Helms shared that as a teacher’s aide and safety/fire dept volunteer that he has 1-2.5 hours.  As a freshman, Michael Cintron is a teacher’s aid and has volunteered at several Andover community events.


For more information, please contact Phil Catanese at


Furthermore, here is the link to the Service page of the Telstar High School web page- here you can not only learn more about the program but also have listed service requests


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