Guest:  Tom Watson (Hynek)


Members We Missed:  Dennis, Dunham, Laux, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney, Zinchuk


Signup sheets for the Dec. 1 Country Breakfast and the Dec. 10 Senior Xmas Luncheon were circulated.  Walter continued his collection of $20 for Senior Luncheon gifts.


The program was an interactive discussion of alternative meeting types and formats that might spur increased attendance by current members and more easily attract new members.  On the subject of periodic socials in place of regular meetings, the consensus was that once a month would be too frequent, and once per quarter might be about right.  As to social locations, Jim Mann recommended that we consider the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield as a special place with great performances and great dining.  The regular breakfast meeting time needs to be re-examined, and current members' preferences will be sought.  Ian mentioned that breakfast is often a tough time for people with young families.  Discussion also included aspects other than meeting time that affect the ability to attract new members.  It was agreed that we need to publicize all of our service projects as much as possible, noting the good example of the recent wood splitting event with its great newspaper coverage afterward.