Visiting Rotarian:  Chris Summers  (Oxford Hills)

Guests: Kristen O'Connor  (speaker)  (Finley), Rebecca Diaz  (Finley), Scott Smith  (Powell)

Members We Missed:  Dennis, Andrews, Hart, Murphy, Thrall, Whitney

Members were asked whether they would support a proposal to offer $1,000 to the American Legion in Locke Mills to help purchase a new commercial dishwasher, the current one being subject to problems and notably out of action for last year’s Senior Xmas Luncheon.  There was a show of hands in the affirmative, with comments that this could be with the understanding that the Legion would not expect a use-of-facilities donation from our club for the next five years or so.

Chris announced that the Oxford Hills club is again having a "cheese" fund-raiser, with a 2 lb. package from Cabot Cheese of Vermont selling for $17.

Kristen's presentation was on the Western Maine Budo Arts School, located on the Parkway in Bethel.  The school has classes for both adults and children ages 6 - 12.  She noted that the children learn more than just martial arts, particularly when they travel to competitions where they interact with people from other countries as well as other regions of the U.S.  The standards for protective equipment have recently been raised regarding chest guards and face shields, she said, and the school and parents are jointly involved in fund raising for this purpose.  An idea that she is considering for her school is to add a community service component to the normal "black belt" requirements.