Visiting Rotarian:  Oscar Legere  (River Valley)


Guest:  Suzanne Legere  (Oscar Legere)


During happy dollars, there were several interesting stories by Steve and Kevin about the Nigerian GSE team's visit to Bethel over the preceding weekend.


Everyone was urged to attend the May 14 meeting at which Patty Monahan will be present, and at which Bob Laux is expected to express appreciation for Jim's many contributions, including his generous bequest to the club.


Kevin noted that although there was an initial mix-up in getting applications for Rotary scholarships, things are back on track and applications are currently under review.


Oscar Legere, who achieved 67 years of perfect attendance, recalled his early years with the Rotary Club of Rumford (now the River Valley club), which he joined in 1942.  This was the club that later sponsored the formation of the Bethel club, and Oscar joked that he pushed this idea so he would have a good place to go when he needed a make-up.  As an aspect of his being a dedicated Rotarian, he said he had traveled to international Rotary meetings 38 different times.


~ Walter