Guests:  Dutch Dresser (Maine Energy Systems - speaker), Debbie Dembski (REACH - received check earlier), Lauren Dembski (REACH), Julie Hart (Mahoosuc Kids - received check)
Members We Missed: Arizzi, Joe & Lynn,Dennis, Dunham, Kunkle, Laux, Moran-Laux, Thrall, Tyler, Wilson
Announcements included a reminder of the Auction & Yard Sale June 23.
Debbie Dembski gave highlights of REACH's (Rape Education & Crisis Hotline) activities.  She advised that REACH has merged with similar organizations in Androscoggin and Franklin Counties to form one larger agency named Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services.  However, REACH has kept its existing office, staff, and programming.  A current thrust is aimed increasing the support role of faith communities.
Julie Hart gave highlights of Mahoosuc Kids, which serves over 500 children per year.  This year being an Olympics year with many different countries involved, there will be summer activities where children "travel" to some of these countries to learn more about life there.
The program was a presentation by Dutch Dresser on Maine Energy Systems, focusing on "what's changed?" since a presentation to the club several years ago.  Whereas the initial efforts were aimed primarily at mechanical aspects of pellet boiler systems, this shifted to addressing "bureaucratic" hindrances and to educational aspects.  A bureaucratic" breakthrough was the acceptance by FHA of pellet boilers as "conventional systems" in their listings.  Educational activities included the training of 400 -500 individuals for installation and maintenance.  Maine Energy Systems is now licensed not only as a distributor of the pellet boiler systems it offers, but also for manufacture of parts in the U.S. 
Thank you Walter.