Guests: Dalit Wolfe  (speaker)  (Andrews), Barbara Berger  (Andrews), Rick Churchill  (Andrews), Laurie Herron  (Powell), Ryder Scott  (Wight), Kellen True  (student of the month)  (Hart), Koley True  (sister of Kellen)  (Hart), Carol Cox  (grandmother of Kellen)  (Hart)

Members We Missed:  Cole, Dunham, Thrall, Whitney

Kellen True was recognized and congratulated as Telstar's underclass student of the month.

Ryder Scott thanked the club for its long-time support of the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp, and invited us to their open house on June 7 from 9:00 to 3:00.

Dalit Wolfe gave a moving presentation of her Rotoplast visit to Guatemala earlier this year, at which Ellie also participated with responsibility for equipment sterilization along with other duties.  Dalit noted that over the years Rotoplast has completed over 200 missions in 65 cities in 24 countries, and treated over 16,500 cases of cleft lip and cleft palate.  The teams are all volunteers, both medical and non-medical participants.  During this recent visit, 124 children were treated.  The surgery is truly life-changing, for otherwise a child is treated as an outcast, will never go to school, and may be abandoned.  The gratitude of a treated child's family is illustrated by occasionally having a mother faint from emotion when first seeing the results.  Along with such heart-warming experiences for the Rotoplast team, there is also the heart-breaking aspect of having to turn away those who cannot be handled in the time available.  As to causes for cleft lip and palate, Dalit advised that the basic answer is "we don't know" -- although smoking while pregnant, air and water pollution, and vitamin lack are possible contributing factors.