Guests: Tim O'Connor  (speaker)  (Dennis), RayAnne Morin  (Telstar student)  (Dennis), Buddy Williamson  (Telstar student)  (Dennis)


Members We Missed:  Cole, Dunham, Mann, Murphy, Thrall, Walker, Whitney, Wilson


Special alert!   Wood splitting time changed to Sunday, June 9 at 12:00 noon.


Tim O'Connor's presentation described the School-to-Work program at Telstar, which he coordinates.  The program, currently in its 4th year, is for students in their junior and senior years and currently has nine students enrolled.  As the name implies, its goal is to prepare students for the workplace and to actually launch them into it.  There are different levels of involvement.  Initial stages are primarily mentoring in such things as proper dress in the workplace, preparing a resume, interviewing for a job.  Intermediate stages involve job shadowing at a work location, or working there as an unpaid intern.  The top stage is actual part-time paid employment. The latter can be done during normal school hours by taking advantage of any extra credits the student has built up and because credits can be earned by the program itself.  Two current students with part time jobs, RayAnne Morin and Buddy Williamson, described what they are doing and the value they are getting from the program.  RayAnne works as a bank teller, and Buddy works as an electrician.   Our club is closely involved with the program, with Bruce, Dan, Robin, and Rene M. serving on the Advisory Board.  Also, Ian met with the group to talk about entrepreneurship.


~ Walter