Guests: Ryan Vail  (student of the month)  (Hart), Christopher Chappie  (student of the month from Jan.)  (Hart), Shelly Corriveau  (parent of S.O.M.)  (Hart), Donald Hebert  (grandparent of S.O.M.)  (Hart)

                                                                                                    Thank you Robin for the pix

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dunham, Finley, Murphy, Tyler, Whitney

The program was a review of upcoming Rotary events.  It was decided to have a booth and sell lobster rolls at Mollyockett Day, as was done last year.  A 40th anniversary party will be held July 10 (not July 17 as previously reported) at the Riverview Resort, to be catered by the Good Food Store.  Camp Susan Curtis cleanup day was announced as June 6, with people gathering to leave Bethel at 8:30 am.  Bryant Pond 4-H Camp open house day was announced as June 7, with an opportunity to help repair the greenhouse which collapsed in the winter's ice storm.  The Rotary Yard Sale/Auction is on Sat. June 28, requiring much preparation work during the several preceding days.