Visiting Rotarians and Guests: Shelia Rollins DAG, Dave Freiday, Carol Savage

Announcements: The wood cutting project has been postponed until September; great job members - the yard sale and auction fundraising event grossed $8400!  The shed is still for sale.  We will be doing a food booth at the upcoming Mineral Show, July 9 and 10.  Look at event section for information on the District Governor social. 

Program:  President Joe closed his year by sharing words from Rotarian Cliff Dockerman's book.  Kathy Thrall as Chair of the Foundation Committee presented 2 Guatemalan Literacy Fellows to Cynthia Laux and Lynn Arizzi.  President Joe presented awards to Friends of Rotary - Carol Savage, Dave Freiday, and Robin the Server.  Congratulations to Jim Mann as the 2011 Rotarian of the Year, newly named the Jim Monahan Rotarian of the Year Award.  President Joe then passed the gavel to President-Elect Ellie.  Ellie took the podium and shared the story of the special gavel, received from Rotarian Lenny Straight, that she will be using this year.  PE Ellie presented pins and gifts to Pres Joe who will now be past president and to new president-elect Bruce Powell.  Congrats and thank you to all!