Guests:  Dave Freiday  (Friend of Rotary), in outrageous costume; Priscella Walker; Carol Savage
Dean reported highly successful gross receipts of over $14,000 for the yard sale and auction.
Rene McGrew was named Rotarian of the Year in recognition of her outstanding dedicated service to the club, and in addition, she received a Paul Harris Fellow award (her 2nd!).
Members completing milestone years of club membership were recognized, as well as members who had perfect attendance for the year.  Milestone years included: 10 year anniversary (2002) = Pat Roma; 15 years (1997) = Mike Steven; and ********* 25 years (1987) = Dave Murphy and Steve Wight!
After the "passing of the gavel" from Ellie to Bruce, Ellie received a standing ovation for her service as President this past year.  Bruce awarded her his own Past President's pin, from his presidency many years back.
Thank you Walter