Pres Rene, Austin Ryerson (May Upper SOM), Youth Svc Co-Chair Dan Hart


Visiting Rotarian:  Erik Covitz  (Boca Raton - Sunrise)


Guests: Bud Kulik  (Hynek), Laurence Austin  (Hynek), Austin Ryerson  (student of the month)  (Hart), Sandi  Parker  (Austin grandmother)  (Hart)


Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Finley, Murphy, Powell, Roma, Steven, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney


Austin Ryerson was recognized as upperclass student of the month for May.


Steve Wight reported that the Rotary Foundation is placing increased emphasis on outreach to other countries.  Dan Hart's report on New Generations (to be renamed Youth Services) covered a series of Rotary-related opportunities extending from high-school age through college-age and beyond.  Telstar's Interact group is “fired up” for next year and hopes to get distinctive T-shirts.


~ Walter