Pres Rene, Savannah Vermette, and Youth Services Co-Chair Dan Hart


Guests: Tony Donovan  (speaker)  (Zinchuk), Chad McGrew  (Rene), Savannah Vermette  (student of the month)  (Hart), Steven Vermette  (parent), Darci Vermette  (parent) and Aaron Vermette  (brother)


Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Finley, Murphy, Roma, Tyler


Savannah was recognized as Telstar's under-class student of the month for May.


Tony Donovan's presentation, sponsored by the Maine Rail Transit Coalition and in cooperation with the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce, was on "Boston - Montreal Passenger Rail via Portland & Bethel --- Can We Do That?"  Tony's profession involves commercial real estate and economic development.  He stressed the importance of local communities taking action to move projects along, rather than waiting for the State or others to do something.  Having passenger service in a town can spur investments there and be of significant economic benefit; he cited Brunswick as an example.  He is gaining traction for his proposal, and noted that Portland, Auburn and Lewiston have given resolutions of support.  He has his eye on the specific diesel multiple unit trains -- now sitting idle -- that he feels would be perfect for such a project.  From Bethel's standpoint, he noted that we have the only railway platform and station between Montreal and Portland.   FMI Contact Maine Rail Transit.


~ Walter