Guests: Amy Scott  (speaker)  (Hatch), Logan Bartlett  (student of the month)  (Hart), Michelle Bartlett  (family of S.O.M.), Sarah Bartlett  (family of S.O.M.), Shyanne Shannon  (Finley), Lu Tuggle  (Finley), Molly Wight  (Wight), Stephen Smith  (Hynek), Kathy Ruby  (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Fraher, Mann, Murphy, Whitney

Logan was recognized as Telstar student of the month during the recent school year.

Shyanne received a scholarship from the club, and gave a rundown of her plans.

Amy presented an overview of the Bethel Area Nonprofit Collaborative (BANC), in which she has served as Network Facilitator since Jan. 2013.  BANC was founded in 2008 by a task force representing nine local nonprofits, and has grown to a current membership of thirty organizations.  Its mission is to aid all nonprofits' efforts to improve the quality of place in the Bethel area through educational, cultural, environmental, recreational, economic development and health and wellness initiatives.  Although each nonprofit has its own mission and specific objectives, there is much to be gained by sharing ideas and considering ways to work together on projects that are either beyond the capability of a single organization or could be greatly enhanced by a joint effort.  Also, with the assistance of the Network Facilitator, BANC can provide members with help in finding grant sources for funds, and for organizational development and board training.

Logan Bartlett, Student of the Month, and President Ellie