Guests:  Kevin Annis  (Finley); Elijah Laird  (student of the month)  (Hart); Angela Weymouth  (parent of S.O.M.)  (Hart)


Members We Missed:  Blair, Cole, Dennis, Dunham, Fraher, Kulik, Laux, Murphy, Tyler, Whitney


Scholarship recipient Kevin Annis updated us on his status and plans.  He is a freshman at Boston University majoring in chemistry.  He hopes to go to France for his next college year.  In answer to questions, he said his science and math courses at Telstar prepared him well for his college courses. 


Elijah Laird was recognized and congratulated on being the underclass student of the month.


In the absence of the scheduled outside speakers who could not attend, there was a status report by Pat Roma on the Monahan Fund committee's work.  He described several of the ideas the committee has been discussing, but said they have not yet arrived at a definite recommendation.  Additional input is to be sought from the wider community, including the Bethel Area Nonprofit Collaborative.


~ Walter