Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Scholarship Recipients:  Jamie Steven, Morgan Lee, Elek Pew, Victoria Forkus, Rose Wright; Suzanne Dunham (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  J Arizzi, Blair, Dennis, Kinkle, Muprhy, perejda, Thrall, Monahan


Announcements: Celebrating Jim Monahan's 94th Birthday on his birthday January 28th - see events section for details. 


Presentations:   Educational Assistance Awards were distributed to:  Jamie Steven attending UMO majoring in economics with a minor in renewable energy; Victoria Forkus attending Washington & Jefferson, PA, looking to major is Spanish with possible minor in history.  She participated on the Field Hockey team this past fall; Morgan Lee attends Providence and is majoring in marketing with possible minor in Spanish; Elek Pew is going to UMO and is doing a double major - business management and economics;  Rose Wright is an undeclared major at CMCC but hopes to transfer into the nursing progam at UNE.


Program: Club History Trivia 

Rotarian Al Barth challenged the members to some club history ... Bethel Club formed in 1974.  We were sponsored by the Rumford Club then Bethel, Oxford Hills, Bridgton Lake Region and lastly Fryburg.  People joined because of service, good work and 4-way test.  One of the first projects was the fence around the civil war monument - others since then included the gazebo, clock, swimming pond, skateboard park - we're involved in the local community as well as International.  The Club use to meet as a lunch club at The Sudbury or Martha's for example and then it became a breakfast club meeting at The Bethel Inn.


The Auction use to be on The Common ... Al shared Jim Hudson stories.  Other remembrances included fellowship meeting at a Quebec meeting; in 1998, Benni (sp?) a Belgium exchange student; and Alex Gillies an ambassadorial scholar in Ghana on 9/11.