Dana Mosher  (speaker)  (Lynn Wilson); Students of the Month- Mariah Millett,  Colton Godwin, Becca Howard; Parents - Corey Millett  (parent), Stacy Millett, Arthur Godwin, Cathy Godwin, Donna Howard

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Crockett, Dennis, Dunham, Laux, McGrew, Moran-Laux, Murphy, Tyler, Zinchuk.


Wine-tasting event:  Not to be held on Feb. 23.  Later date being worked on.

World Peace & Understanding Dinner:  Feb. 23.

Country Breakfast:  March 10


Dana Mosher gave an informative presentation on Camp CaPella,, which is located on Phillips Lake, Lucerne-in-Maine, between Bangor and Ellsworth.  With a capacity for about 25 campers, Dana describes it as "the little camp that could."  It serves both children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.  These include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, Down syndrome, autism, spinal cord injuries and other conditions.  The camp's philosophy is that all campers, regardless of abilities, will have a program that offers recreation, learning experiences and an opportunity to discover and strengthen their abilities.  It is one of a very few camps of this type in the country.  Prior campers have written later to describe their experience as "magical" and "life-changing."

~ Walter