SCOTT H:  I am happy to say that Foghorn is expecting; that is, he is expecting some of those eggs he is setting on to hatch, sometime in late May.  I haven’t counted these eggs yet, but it is probably six or fewer, because that’s all he can fit between his legs as he lies comatose on the ground; more than six means he has to keep some outside his legs, where I might have found them with the one hand I was able to devote to the task.  Once these eggs hatch, I’ll have to separate the chicks from the adult female emus, for their safety, but this time I’ll try to sequester Foghorn with them.
MICHELE: Thanks to those who attended last week's LIVE Grants Management Seminar - appreciate the support!
MICHELE: Happy $20 when we meet in person again ... this April 2020, I've been a Rotarian for 20 years!