Visiting Rotarian:  Dave Carter  (Oxford Hills)

Guest:  Dave Bean  (speaker)  (Walker)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Cole, Dunham, Hart, Mann, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Wilson

During happy dollars, Robin told about going through her father's things (part of moving), finding a box of memorabilia and clippings from his cross-country track coaching days, and deciding to track down and contact the students her father had coached, and which obviously had meant so much to him.  Her "Hello, this is Robin Horvath" resulted -- after initial surprise -- in many poignant reminiscences.

Dave Bean's presentation covered the nuts and bolts of how the Bethel Food Pantry operates.  It is part of the District Exchange and is currently located in a room in the Nazarene Church on Church St. in Bethel, accessed from a side entrance on Park St.  Recipients make an individual appointment in advance.  Donations to the pantry -- non-perishable food items and also paper goods -- can be left at Dave's home on Park St. (easiest for him) or at the Bethel Foodliner for him to pick up periodically.  Monetary donations can be made at the Northeast Bank.   Dave noted that a donors get more bang for their buck if they give money rather giving goods they have purchased, because he is able to secure items at much lower prices at places such as the Good Shepherd Food Bank.