Visiting Rotarian:  Peter Redman  (Waterville)


Guests: Kurt Mason  (Finley), Shirley Powell  (Powell), Julie Hart  (Hart), Ella Kellogg  (Andrews), Grady Kellogg  (Andrews)


Nice to see Cynthia! 


Members We Missed:  Cole, Dunham, Fraher, Kulik, Murphy, Steven, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney


Scholarship recipient Kurt Mason described his studies at Univ. of Maine -- Farmington.  His current interest is secondary education.


Kevin's program was a slide presentation about on-line makeups.  There are many websites available, but a particularly good one that Kevin suggested is Rotary eClub One, who are "proud to be the very first eClub ever created."  Their site has a "How to do a makeup" section, as well as a number of makeup programs to choose from, typically running 20-30 minutes.  The programs included a large number of videos as well as articles.  Rotary eClub One uses its makeup offerings as a fundraising tool to generate income for its service projects and thus asks for a donation -- suggesting the amount that would have been spent on attending a weekly meeting.


~ Walter