Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Tim and Susan Caverly (Arizzi), Sheila Rollins (Assistant Gov.)

 Members We Missed:  Not available at this time


Announcements: The next meeting of the Rocky Freda event and Wine Tasting event will be on Wed Jan 4 at Mike Steven's Office.  Thank you to those who helped at 1 pm on Dec 27 at Barbara McDougall's home.


Presentations:  Thank you to the Students from bridget's School of Dance for their contribution to Christmas for Children.  The kids opted their coins totally $32.00 to be split between out program and Christmas for Families.


Assistant Governor Sheila Rollins explained what an Assistant District Governor (ADG) does.  They are basically the liason between the District Governor and the Clubs.  She has found it an enjoyable position and will continue to do it in 2012-2013! 


Program: Tim Caverly and Allagash Tails


Tim Caverly from Millinockett was an Allagash Supervisor for 18 years and worked for the Dept of Conservation for 32 years.  For more information on him and his works, please visit the download section of our website and see "More on Tim Caverly."   Or see


Tim's goal is to promote literacy - he visits schools and gives an adult version of the program around the state.  With his program and books, he has reached 72 schools in Maine.  He has found that not only is he promoting literacy but also geography. This has been an offshoot of things from his books.


Tim thanks our Club for our contribution and support of his progam 1 1/2 years ago in Telstar Middle School.


Tim brought us through a presentation that included photographs from the following spots providing us with a visual visit: Allagash Mt., Allagash Lake, Glaciel Lakes, the 13 miles of railroad tracks with no roads to them, fire cracked rock - a former Indian cooking area, Eagle Lake and Pillsbury Lake, Chase Rapids, and stories from Henry and Alice Taylor since 1982.  In 1966 the state protected the Allagash and in 1970 it received national protection.


Tim currently works with the Telstar Middle School and invites us to spsonsr a visit to the school (4 hours) or to sponsor his latest book - Wilderness Range Journal.