Dear Membership,

At Tuesday’s Club Assembly Meeting, you will be asked to vote on the below slate as recommended by the Board of Directors.

Proposed Slate for Officers and Board for the Year 2014/2015:

Past President: Rene McGrew

President: Ellie Andrews

President-Elect: Kevin Finley

Vice President: Robin Zinchuk

Treasurer: Pat Roma

Secretary: Michele Cole

Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Hynek

Service Committee Chair: Mike Steven

              Ass’t Service Chair: Bruce Powell

Foundation Committee Chair: Kathy Thrall

              Ass't Foundation Chair: Steve Wight

Membership Committee Chair: Ian Blair

Youth Services Chair: Dan Hart

              Ass’t Youth Svc Chair: Dave Fraher

Public Image Committee Chair: Suzanne Dunham

Respectfully submitted,
Michele Cole, Secretary
Rotary Club of Bethel, Maine