Guests: Heather Sunter - Intern, Bethel Family Health Center; Dave Fraher, Minister, West Bethel Church (sp?)Members We Missed: Blair, Dennis, Hart, Hatch, Murphy, Steven, Cole


Membership Committee - Kevin Finley - The committee assignments will be emailed to members; Kevin reminded that 8/28 is bring a friend to Rotary meeting. The committee is reviewing list of potential members and will be setting p Fireside Chats, soon. 

Public Image Committee - Press release sent to area newspapers, posted on District website. Published in Advertiser Democrat and Bethel Citizen, donations for items drawing at the tournament are coming in: two golf package from golf courses, SS Milton gift certificate; exploring sending greeting cards to members who are ill, etc.; exploring sending congratulations notes to area business people/others in community and inviting to a breakfast (will need to be brought to board). Lynn and Suzanne are developing three goals for Public Image committee.

Foundation Committee - The District Simplified Grant to repair Telstar Middle and High school musical instruments, aka Bandaid, is being finetuned to incorporate more Rotary involvement. The Club volunteers will be reorganizing the school's music library and Rotarians may be bringing the instruments in need of repair to the Turner music shop to expedite the process so that students won't have to be without their instruments for any length of time. The committee is also exploring participation by the Mahoosuc Community Band members. The grand is for $2,000 toward the repair of 16 instruments.

Service Committee - Primarily working on the golf tournament at this time. They are procuring tee signs and are hoping to get more through Rotarians. Please contact Pat or Ellie with any information about tee sign sponsors. The committee is working on three goals:  More, but smaller fundraisers. Focus efforts on oil and wood needs in the community - who are those most in need of this? Holiday gift wrapping. Some people have difficulty in tasks such as wrapping. The idea is to have a day(s) when people can bring their gifts to the Bethel House and have them wrapped by Rotarians. Reactivate plowing for needy people.

New Generations Committee - Steve Wight explained that this is a very new avenue of service that will be formally launched next year, but we have started the preliminaries. He said that the New Beginnings project is already underway to reach out to young people, such as already in existence programs like Interact. More to come on this new area.

Thank you Suzanne … filling in for Walter