Visiting Rotarian:  Mike Holland  (San Diego, Calif.)

Guests: Steve Smith  (Wight), Kathy Ruby  (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Hart, Murphy, Steven, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney, Zinchuk

Visiting Rotarian Mike gave a rundown on the San Diego club.  It has over 400 members, and is the 4th largest club in the world.  It relies on "fines" as a major source of income for its outreach projects.  Unlike our $1 fine for things like not wearing a Rotary pin, the San Diego club's fine is $250 ! (that is not a misprint).

Bud Kulik's program was a description of the recent Redneck Olympics (the latter word actually unauthorized and illegal), held on a 250-acre privately owned property in Hebron.  He attended to assist Jim Sysko with his zip-line, which was part of the many activities.  It was one of tamer activities at this three day gathering, and didn't attract a lot attention until the price was drastically lowered and it was announced that women going topless could ride for free.  Of the many zany competitions, the mud pit was one of the highlights.  Bud noted that this included a family Subaru with the windows down, a top-of-the-line luxury car, a snowmobile, and a garden tractor -- among the many other vehicles.  Mud was also a feature of other non-vehicle competitions.

On a separate subject, Bud pointed out that newer members often aren't sure what duties go with various jobs such as Greeter.  He suggested that a written outline of duties for each job be available.