Bud Kulik  (Hynek)

Liam Gallagher  (RYLA)  (Hart)

Nick Johnson  (RYLA)  (Hart)

Anna Sawyer  (RYLA - counselor)  (Hart)

Maisey Griffin  (Interact)  (Hart, Andrews)


Members We Missed:  Dennis, Dunham, Fraher, Murphy, Steven, Tyler, Walker, Whitney



+  Fireside Chat no longer scheduled

+  Camp Sunshine landscaping work day Sept. 14, starting at 8:00, cookout at noon.

+  Sept. 16 golf tournament will need 8 - 10 Rotary volunteers


Liam and Nick gave thoughts on their RYLA experience.  Treating obstacles as challenges, not problems.  Developing trust -- in yourself as well as in others.  Challenging yourself.  Learning from others' approach to dealing with situations.  More than one style of leadership -- "take charge" style not always best.  Getting others to speak up.  Realizing cases were joining is better than competing with groups aiming for common goal. 


Anna, who was a RYLA 2012 attendee and was one of the ten chosen (from 120) as a counselor for RYLA 2013, emphasized the life-long value of the program in making people better individuals as well as better leaders.  It's one of the best investments Rotary could make, she said.


Maisey described first-hand what we have all been hearing about Telstar's Interact program, that it really "took off" last year.  But they have even bigger plans for this year, she said -- one particular goal being an international project to add to a wide variety of local projects.  Our club is highly impressed with their accomplishments.