Visiting Rotarians: Glenn Huntley (Oxford Hills), John Griffith (Oxford Hills), Read Dickinson (River Valley)


Guests: Richard Fain (past president) (McGrew), Natalie Fain (McGrew), Anthony Deiulio (Hynek), Colton Davis (Telstar Interact) (Hart), Maisey Griffi (Telstar Interact) (Hart), Rebecca Andriozzi (Gould Academy), Sara Shifrin (Gould Academy), Will Lyman (Telstar student of the month) (Hart), John Walker (Telstar student of the month) (Hart), Debra Brown (grandparent of SOM), Owen Brown (grandparent of SOM)


Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Mann, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney, Wilson, Zinchuk


Scott Hynek announced the Camp Susan Curtis general cleanup day:  Friday, June 7.   There will also be a separate "skilled labor day" to build kayak racks.


Walter's program was his classification talk (Chemical Engineer - past service) which he said he has been waiting 17 years to give.  His entire working career was with Exxon -- originally Esso -- in the central technical group dealing with refining and petrochemical manufacture, located in New Jersey.  The work involved research and development, design, and troubleshooting of processes and equipment for the company's worldwide installations.  It included a two-year assignment in The Hague and a four-year assignment in London.   Walter grew up in Old Town, Maine, went to U. Maine Orono his freshman year, finished his B.S. degree at Worcester Tech as part of the Navy's V-12 college training program, and got an M.S. degree from M.I.T.  Family-wise, he and wife Carolyn have 5 daughters, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.  His connection to Bethel started in the early 1970's with golf vacations at the Bethel Inn, which continued each year and led to the choice of Bethel as a retirement location in 1987.