Visiting Rotarian:  Dave Carter (Oxford HIlls)

Guest:  Bud Kullik (speaker)  (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Mann, Murphy, Whitney



     Bud Kulik's presentation dealt with the resolution passed at a special town meeting, stating that the Town of Bethel opposes the transport of tar sands oil through Maine.  Bud is spearheading a petition drive to revisit this decision at the June annual town meeting, by including a warrant article rescinding this resolution.  His motivation is to have the issue decided in a fairer manner and by a larger cross-section of residents, unlike the manner in which the special town meeting evolved, with no opportunity to hear both sides of the question.  This was grossly unfair, he said, and reflected badly on the town.  He stressed that the proposed article rescinding the resolution is to correct this unfairness -- not to advocate for a particular position.  Bud distributed both the detailed resolution which was passed, and also material that was subsequently presented at a March 21 public forum in which industry and Canadian government representatives participated.


~ Walter