Don't miss hearing Joel Speakman.  His topic is "Why I Moved to Maine" and "What Should Average Investors Do In Our Troubled Times".  Al Barth is the Program Chair.

This week's Mystery Member was born in Westbrook, Maine.  He attended Westbrook High School and the University of Maine, Portland Campus.  His professions have all been in technology support.  He worked for a major health company managing a large scale tech operation including computers, telephones and networks.  His passion is enjoying the great outdoors.  He has been a Rotarian for 9 years.  His favorite food is pizza with pepperoni and green peppers.  He has two sons, neither of which are married.  His wife wonders if grandchildren will ever be in their future.  The family lived in Windham until 2000 when they moved to Newry.  Our Mystery Member then started a community business in town.  He loves any movie that makes him laugh.  "My Cousin Vinny" came to mind.  If he could change one thing about the world we live in he would eliminate politics from government.  Concentrating on solving world hunger would be a better use of our energy.  If he could go back to any point in world history he would find it interesting to be one of the early settlers traveling West.  Imagine their amazement as they crossed the plains and saw the mountains in the distance.  He would like the club to know that he is always trying to help the young in our community and beyond.  He might like to teach them to fish for themselves.  CAN YOU GUESS WHO THIS MYSTERY MEMBER IS?