Guests:  Scott Cole  (speaker)  (Powell)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Dennis, Dunham, Fraher, Mann, Murphy, Steven, Walker, Whitney, Wight

Scott Cole's presentation was a rundown of the organization and responsibilities of the Oxford County government.  Scott is currently County Administrator, having moved there after his stint as Bethel's Town Manager.  He noted that counties are responsible for unorganized territories as well as municipalities, and that Oxford County has the most densely populated unorganized territories of any county in Maine.  There are 36 organized municipalities.  The county has a $7.5 million budget, supported in large part by property taxes -- about 7% of a person's property tax bill.  Oxford Co. is somewhat unique in being the manager of an airport -- located near the Oxford Plains Speedway.  Also unusual is the fact that there are two county registries, with a registry in Fryeburg as well as the one most of us are familiar with in So. Paris.  Scott cited his three goals for county government administration:  transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

Thank you Walter