Club Assembly


Guests:  Bud Kulik  (Hynek)


Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Cole, Dennis, Dunham, Mann, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Whitney


During committee reports, it was noted that the Fall Country Breakfast date has now been set for December 1.  For the upcoming Sept. 16 golf tournament, Bruce plans to assign times and duties by e-mail to members who volunteered to help.  Membership is working on new attendance requirements.  International gave another reminder of the Portland club's special program on Haiti on Sept. 20.  Service hopes to work jointly with Telstar's Interact group on one of their projects.  Ellie will be asked to write something for the Citizen's Letter to the Editor section, giving locations for cell phone donations.  Youth Services is developing goals for the year, and noted the need for reviewing procedures applicable to working with youth groups.