Guests:  Stephen Eldridge  (speaker)  (Powell), Dave Freiday  (Friend of Rotary)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Hart, Kulik, Mann, Murphy, Steven, Thrall, Wight, Zinchuk

Steve Eldridge, interim Town Manager of Bethel, outlined his background and gave some highlights of town projects.  He has been pleased at all aspects of the job so far -- the many town activities, the welcoming people, the competent town office staff, the knowledgeable Board of Selectmen.  He has applied as a candidate for the permanent position, noting that unlike many other towns, this is one that his wife would be willing to relocate to.  Regarding "what's going on" in the town, he advised that a part time recreation director will be hired, possibly becoming full time in the future.  The town will take over the Ethel Bisbee School in November, and many people are hoping it could be turned into a community center.  Negotiations are underway to acquire property adjacent to the Bingham Forest parcel, or an easement on this property, to provide access to planned recreational trails in the Bingham Forest.  Work is underway on an updated Comprehensive Plan, and input is being sought on what people's visions are for Bethel over the next 10 years.