Guest:  Dave Brunett  (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Cole, Dennis, Hart, Murphy, Powell, Roma, Thrall, Whitney, Wight, Zinchuk

Steve Smith and Kathy Ruby gave classification talks.

Steve Smith was originally from Norwalk, Conn.  His professional career of 40 years in the field of education took him to other locations, including principal ship of the regional high school in Topsfield, Mass.  He later worked as an educational consultant.  He first established roots in the Bethel area 28 years ago with a seasonal home, which was upgraded 2 years ago into a permanent home for him and his wife Lee.  He takes full advantage of the outdoor recreational opportunities of the area, and is active in local organizations including the Western Mountains Senior College and Mahoosuc Land Trust.

Kathy Ruby's field is College Finance, which she currently practices as a consultant with the College Coach organization.  Previously, she was Senior Financial Aid Officer at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, and prior to that worked in financial aid offices at several other universities.  She received her bachelor's degree from Carleton College -- which she says her parents didn't see until her graduation -- and it was there that she met husband Matt.  She later received a master's degree from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.  She and Matt moved to Bethel when Matt became Head of School at Gould Academy.  Along with her consulting work, her time includes volunteering at Telstar High School and playing in the Mahoosuc Community Band, as well as Rotary.