Dee Fournier presents ...


Dee Fournier  (speaker) (Crockett), Ron Fournier, Dave Fraher (Powell), Wade Kavanaugh (Blair), Beth Kavanaugh (Blair), Marcey White (Crockett), Teddy Crockett  (Crockett)

Members We Missed: Andrews, Dennis, Hart, Laux, Moran-Laux, Murphy, Tyler, Wilson

Much attention was given to little Teddy Crockett, making his first visit to Rotary.

Important announcement:  The Country Breakfast date has been changed to Dec. 2 (instead of the customary Thanksgiving weekend date).

Dee Fournier's presentation covered her trip to Nicaragua as part of a PEACE AND HOPE team.   PEACE AND HOPE is an international Christian human rights organization whose mission is to promote justice for people and communities who suffer injustice and poverty.  PEACE AND HOPE teams visit remote villages and carry out a variety of activities and projects such as a medical clinic, construction of rainwater catchment facilities, provision of mosquito nets for prevention of malaria.  Dee mentioned a need that probably would never occur to any of us.  In these remote and poverty-stricken villages, families typically have no photos of family members and when a loved one dies, there is no picture to remember them by. Dee became involved in a project to visit families' homes to take photos for them to keep.

Other announcements:  Wood splitting has been rescheduled to October 13th.

~ Thank you Walter ~