Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Beth Abbott (OH Rotary – Pres), Patty Rice (OH Rotary – PAG), George Rice (OH Rotary – PDG), Sheila Rollins (BL-R Rotary – AG) Merrill Rollins (BL-R Rotary), Shirley Powell (Powell), Joyce Roma (Roma), Dave Freiday (FoR), Peggy Wight (Wight)


Members We Missed: Barth, Crockett, Garner, Hart, Hatch, Kunkle, Mann, Monahan, Murphy, Nivus, Perejda, Thrall, Tyler, Walker, Whitney


Program: Evening Meeting Social


Dave Freiday performed his skit … Moose Fall Tour 2011.


Steve, Ellie and Scott H. demonstrated the hand equipment.


Ian rolled out his fundraising project – the Brax Spirit cups and popcorn.  Order forms were distributed and are available from Ian.  The selling period is now and will conclude on the Country Breakfast date of Nov 27.  As you collect money, you may turn it in to Ian.  Cost is $15 per order for the popcorn and $15 per pack of 4 cups.  The Club makes $6 on each cup pack and $5 on each popcorn pack.  FMI contact Rotarian Ian Blair at