Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Hart, Laux, Mann, McGrew, Murphy


Happy Dollars featured 100% participation, very probably a first for the club.


The program was Bud Kulik's classification talk.  (This may also have been a first, in terms of soonest after induction.)   Bud's early years were in Phoenix, Ariz., where his creativity and interest in trying new things led to more than one "cease and desist" order from local authorities.  A particulary notable experiment involved a rocket fueled by gasoline and medicinal oxygen.  It was in Phoenix that in 1995, in eighth grade, he met his wife Lynne.  Early in his working career, he had a gas station and auto repair shop in Portland Oregon. Later, he moved into the construction business there, and into house remodeling.  His final occupation became small engine repair.  Bud and Lynne lived and traveled in an RV for many years, their travels covering 49 of the 50 states, and extending from Alaska to the Panama/Colombia border.  They now reside in a house on Elm St., Bethel.