Note:  Although it was Club Assembly day, the speaker scheduled for Nov. 20 mistakenly came a week early, and time was made to accommodate his presentation.

Guests: Phill McIntyre  (speaker)  (Hatch), Matt Ruby -- Gould Academy, Becky Andreozzi  -- Gould Academy, Todd Ormister  (Finley), Chase Ormister  (Finley)

Members We MIssed: Crockett, Dunham, Hart, Laux, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney, Wilson, Wight

Walter began collection of $20 for Senior Xmas Luncheon gifts, noting that anyone paying by check should make it out to Maine Line Products.

A very special surprise came from young Chase Ormister, who had personally raised money to give to charity, and had decided on our Christmas for Children project.  She received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Phill McIntyre's presentation described the Crossroads International Celtic Festival  -- "Rooted in the Mountains of Maine".  The inaugural Festival will take place in small towns through Oxford and Franklin Counties during five days, Sept. 11 - 15, 2013.  The mission is to produce an exceptional Celtic music festival featuring musicians of the highest caliber who entertain, educate, and delight audiences with the richness of Celtic culture, while generating new opportunities for regional econimic growth.  Phill also talked about the Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center (Carthage, ME), of which he is owner and director, and conducted a lively quiz -- with prizes -- to illustrate how extensive its activities are, compared to what the general public might be aware of.  

~ Walter