Visiting Rotarians:  Carolyn Johnson (District Governor) (Yarmouth)

Guests:  Gabe Perkins (speaker) (Zinchuk); Kathy Ruby (Hynek)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Laux, McGrew, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Whitney, Wight

Carolyn Johnson outlined the featured programs and speakers at the upcoming May 16-18 District Conference in Portland, and urged club members to attend at least a portion of the activities.  The website for registration is

Gabe Perkins, Project Director for Mahoosuc Pathways, described the organization's recent activities and future plans.  Founded in 2011, their mission involves building, maintaining and advocating for trails -- with primary focus on the Bethel area, but extending further as opportunities arise.  A recent project was re-routing and improvement of the North Ledges Section of the Mt. Will Trail, assisted by the Oxford Co. Conservation Corps.  Another project which has been started is a mountain biking trail network in the Bingham Forest -- 1 1/2 miles have been completed, but there is a potential for 50 miles of trails.  Completion of a pathway to Telstar continues as a goal.  Perhaps the highest priority goal is a multi-use pathway to Angevine Park -- extending from where the Bethel Pathway now ends at the Big Adventure Center.  It is visualized that initially this would be surfaced similarly to the current Pathway extension across the Mahoosuc Land Trust's Gateway property; asphalt paving could be added at a later date.