Aaron Speakman and Lyndsay Merrill, Students of the Month for March & April, 2012 with Dan Hart, Principal of Telstar and Ellie Andrews, President of Rotary.  Picture by J. Arizzi

Telstar Regional High School 2012 Top Ten.  Picture by Carol Savage
VISITING ROTARIANS: Glenn Huntley (Oxford Hills), Bill McKenzie (Wiarton, Ontario), Sheila Rollins
 (Bridgton, AG), Joel Speakman (Oxford Hills)

GUESTS: Heather Speakman, Aaron Speakman (Under Class Student of the Month), Lyndsay Merrill (Upper Class Student of the Month) Top Ten Honor Students from Telstar Senior Class (Karen White, Emily Bellinger, Britany Douglass, Kallie Brown, Annalyn Bachmann, Hunter Berrill, Lyndsay Merrill, Naomi Ellsworth, Matthew Keane, Adam Mahar, Daniel Whitney), Carol Savage.

MEMBERS WE MISSED: Dennis, Laux, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Varuolo

The honor students introduced themselves and told who their parents were, where they lived and their most memorable high school experience.

Ellie described the awards the club had recently received, highlighted by the Change-Maker Award - given to only one club in the district.

Dan Hart highlighted the outstanding financial and other support from parents for Project Graduation this year.

Continuing the "graduation" theme, all Rotarians were asked to name the high school they graduated from and what year.

For Rotary information, Lynn reminded everyone of the Object of Rotary - one of the organization's guiding principles.

Thanks to Walter for the notes.