VISITING ROTARIANS: Shelia Rollins (Bridgton Lakes, Asst. Distr. Gov.)

GUESTS: Maryvonne Wheeler and Tricia Thurston (W. Bethel Children's Center); Aranka Matolcsy and Shelby Black (Mahoosuc Arts Council); Heather Roderick (Northeast Bank)

MEMBERS WE MISSED: Arizzi, Lynn, Dickinson, Hart, Kunkle, Laux, Moran-Laux, Murphy, Thrall, Varuolo, Wilson, Zinchuk

Tricia Thurston, a lead teacher for the Head Start program at the West Bethel Children's Center, received a check from Rotary for the Center  and described its activities.  Currently there are 18 children in the preschool program and 10 in the Early Head Start program.  These programs are free for low income families who meet income guidelines.  The Head Start program is designed to support children in becoming ready for school, through play as well as other activities which are individualized for each child.  Learning areas include art, science, writing, outside play, dramatic play, block building, math and library.

Aranka Matolcsy received a check for Mahoosuc Arts and gave a summary of its extensive activities.  These include its Performing Arts Seires, Bethel Art Fair, Summer Bandstand Concert Series.  Mahoosuc Skye Celtic Series, as well as educational activities for Telstar, Gould and SAD 44 Elementaries.  A unique event will be "In the Blood," a live docu-exhibit illustrating the life and character of the turn-of-the-century Maine lumbermen and river drivers.  Also off the beaten track, for the youger set, is Hip-Hop Handbook with a group from New York City and To Bee or Not To Bee.

Thank you Walter for the notes.