Scholarship recipient Carlee Beatson with Scholarship Committee Chair Kevin Finley.

Guests: Ron Deegan (speaker) (Murphy),  Sierra Ryerson  (Murphy), Carlee Beatson  (scholarship recipient)  (Hart)

Members We Missed:  Dunham, Kulik, Laux, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney

Regarding the Wine Tasting event on March 8, Bruce asked everyone to let him know the number of people they have invited or sold tickets to, as input for estimating the total attendance.

Sienna described a project for which she and other students are raising funds -- an extended educational visit to several European countries by a group of about 30.

Carlee received a scholarship check and outlined her college activities at Susquehanna in Pennsylvania.  She is majoring in psychology.  One or her extra-curricular activities is Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

The presentation by Ron Deegan, manager of facilities for Telstar, covered the extensive $2.5 million air quality and energy efficiency project recently completed at Telstar.  This included lighting as well as heating and ventilation.  The new facilities feature state-of-the-art monitoring and control for each individual room and for critical equipment items, and the ability to carry out monitoring and control from a remote location.  The settings are programmed to match the schedule of use for the particular areas involved.  During the question-and-answer period, Ron advised that while oil heat is used currently, studies are being made of a possible new biomass boiler.  The study envisions the latter being in a separate new structure, rather than removing the existing two oil fired boilers.